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Tips on how to use your Crossblades :
Tips on how to use your Crossblades :

Crossblading is a completely new type of sport. It combines elements of snow sports, skiing and hiking :

Eased ascent in backcountry powder snow - on trails, snowshoe or ski tours

Skiing on ski pistes, as well as on powder snow slopes, forest trails and toboggan runs

Suitable for chairlifts and ski lifts

Maximum fun
Crossblades work on soft to “grippy” ski slopes and toboggan runs, in light powder snow and firn.
The shaped form of the reversible panel allows the Crossblader to carve on the slopes.

Practice makes perfect
Just like with any other kind of sport, Crossblading also takes time to get used to. Skiing on short 90cm-long skis in particular takes a bit of practice.
This applies most specifically to the version with the soft boot binding. We recommend that you try them out on flatter terrain to begin with.
The Crossblades are easy to guide thanks to the steel edges and the risk of the tips floating on the first descents will decrease the more you practice.

Crossblades can be used on chairlifts and ski lifts. You can, for example, go up the mountain first by ski lift, continue the rest of the way by hiking on your Crossblades and then either ski down on or next to the slopes. Thanks to the strong neodymium magnets integrated in the reversible panels, you can, for example, easily hold your Crossblades in one hand, when you get into a gondola.

Select snowshoe hikes WT 1 or WT 2 (Winter Trekking scale of the Swiss Alpine Club SAC) for your Crossblades excursions.
For hikes in WT 2 category, you will need basic knowledge in how to assess avalanche situations.
If the regional avalanche bulletin is at level 3 (significant) or even higher, you should seek advice from a competent authority.

In order to descend at a slower pace, you can change to the fur side of the reversible panel.
Alternatively, the optionally available crampons can be used for the descent.

Please take the swivel plates off after each use to dry.
For optimal skiing and hiking in all snow temperatures we recommend the cold wax Toko Express 2.0 spray.

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